Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zara and all the birthday this New Year 2011

Zara went to so many birthdays...and Daddy had his too, Grandma and Grandpa Zarr both just had their too, well in fact Grandma Zarr's is today!
Audrey had her birthday at the Kensington Firehouse and that was fabulous, and William from School had his at Playseum, Lucy had her 2 year party at the Wilson Pool!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Today was a special DAY, Anthony and Beca got MARRIED!!

The Last of the True Romantics... ran off to Bali to get married standing next to the rice paddies! We received a call this morning from the Hotel Chedi Ubud to hear all the news. How perfectly serene and beautiful; i can barely wait to share some pictures when they forward us some!
Now they are off to India with Obama for a 3 week honeymoon! Just magnificent!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Flashback looking at our old posts On July 22nd 2007

On that day in July, I flew to Kansas in preparation for Zara's birth and to visit with Chrissy (her birth mommy and Te- her 1/2 brother) before the big moment.
Looking back now, over the past 2.5 years with our daughter and 4 or 5 visits with the Chrissy and Te since Zara's arrival, we still marvel at how it all happened.
I am still amazed when i recount to friends who ask me, "how did you and Matt meet Chrissy"? I hear myself saying, "Oh, well i worked with a young woman who came to me one day to tell me about Chrissy and that was our referral! Her best friend was Chrissy, just shy of 12 weeks pregnant, and she wanted to speak to me. I just called her up that evening not expecting anything at all but maybe to help someone with who was stressed and needed some answers to questions!" I think back and almost laugh at how relaxed I was chatting with Chrissy the first time, not really ever thinking she would actually decide upon an adoption plan, nor decide to choose us!
But i still can't believe that was how it happened. I think of all the strange connections and how it all came to be, from as small as our first call to an adoption attorney's office on a Sunday and he picked up the phone and immediately booked us an appointment, to walking through a KMart with Chrissy (then at 39 weeks pregnant) jointly choosing a "going home" outfit for our daughter from the hospital. When i look back on our posts from July and Aug 2007, I still cant believe we were there in the hospital sleeping in the next room to Chrissy and down the hall from the nursery where Zara was. Sitting in the small town court room gaining custody was a memory I wish was stronger.
We took no pictures of those 2 hours that morning after she was born and I was in a daze blindly being led around the courthouse by our adoption attorney and finally taking our oaths.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kathleen Zara Rock

From Katie to Kazie to The Munch, to Zara to Zaza, we love you.   Its been 430 days of firsts.   Happy 2nd birthday, Munchie.   Mommy loves you!  
To spare you further embarrassment in your future, I am drawing the curtain on this journal of the first two years of your life in this world.  
What will come next?  A trip to Singapore?  Flight to see Uncle Tommy Graduate from the Marines?  More baby Cousins to arrive into our lives?  Christina leaves the army and Daddy goes to Afghanistan.  Tall enough to reach your own pedals of your own bike?  Hopefully, not too soon for I cherish riding you on the front of my bike & being the one who gets to introduce you to all new things.  I hope you know I made this life book for YOU, not to make you cringe but so that you will always know you came into this world loved by ALL members of your family and close friends near and far.

Zara  received some great gifts, train sets, tiaras, Barbie, Kitchen utensils for her miniature kitchen, musical instruments, pink baseball glove, ballerina tutu; it was so nice.  Thank you everyone, it was just too fun.  We just hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Nonstop fun

Zara is 2

Purple reflections due to the metallic tablecloth! The day was hot but not overbearing; and Zara really knew it was her day.  She was so thrilled all her friends were there!  Simply put, she was finally eating that oreo apka cake.

Zara: a Pro at birthday candle blowing!

Sitina gets a smooch, wish i had snapped Tommy giving Zara her birthday kiss.  Jack loved the water; as did everyone that day.  Good thing we had two Baskin Robins' ice cream cakes, one oreo & one mint chip-they were 86-ed!!

Zara turns 2 with All her DC Friends!

Eileen brought Jack & Tommy all the way from NJ to join in the festivities and it was so appreciated.  She drove with Mary, Megan & Aunt 'Ne of course!  Tommy is such a sweet kid; giving all the little girls hugs and kisses, although we think he really has a crush on Sitina; as you will soon see! 

The Tiska's were great sports

After the super late night at the ball park & metro ride home, we endeavored to get in bed fast since we all had to get up early for ZARA's 11 am pool Birthday party!